FACT mix 108: Guido

FACT mix 108: Guido, High Order!
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The Bristol-based producer first registered on that city's scene with his Unleashed mixtape, and since then he established himself as one of the UK's most undeniable dubstep talents. Thus far he's tended to be lumped in with his mates Joker and Gemmy, with whom he undoubtedly shares a love of fat, saccharine synth lines inspired by g-funk and the ecstatic grime of Ruff Sqwad - that much feted "purple wow" sound - but Guido's most recent single release, 'Beautiful Complication', finds him striking out on his own and arguably eclipsing his more famous friends. Voiced by Aarya, 'Beautiful Complication' sounds like nothing less than a new kind of streat-ready, soundsystem-frienly and unmistakeably British R&B, and it's B-side 'Chakra' affirms Guido's ability to pack a heavy emotional payload into full-frontal party music.

Inspired by the video game soundtracks of his youth, Guido embraces "cheap" synthesized instrumentation - saxophones, strings, piano - and uses it to build bold melodies and fanciful, beautifully interlocking arrangements.

"It's got to have a good hook," he recently told Resident Advisor. "A lot of dubstep is just based on the bassline and the LFO and doesn't get too melodic."

Need more evidence? Check out his debut Punch Drunk single, the immense MIDI-symphony 'Orchestral Lab' and especially it's B-side 'Way U Make Me Feel', which just sounds like nothing else out there. Our man is currently at work on an album-length release - one reason we can't wait for 2010 to hurry up and happen.

Guido's FACT Mix is audio crack for established fans, and the perfect introduction to his sound for newcomers. There are three immense Guido productions on there, the aforementioned 'Beautiful Complication' and 'Chakra' plus a remix of Wedge & Shadz's 'Runnin Away'. Note too the Bristol bias: a classic Smith & Mighty roller in 'Love & Unity' and Rob Smith in RSD guise with 'Good Energy', plus tracks from Peverelist, Pinch and Joker. There's room too for Floating Points, Rustie, L-Wiz and more, amounting to one of the most joyous and satisfying FACT Mixes of 2009. Essential downloading.

01 Guido feat Aarya - Beautiful Complication
02 Peverelist - Infinity Is Now
03 Kito - Lfo
04 L-Wiz - Tvångströjjan
05 Mala - Alicia
06 Peverelist & Pinch - Revival
07 Rustie - Tempered
08 Mala - Level 9
09 Superisk - Find ya way
10 Mia - Bucky done gun (Davinche remix)
11 Joker - Output 1 & 2
12 Smith & Mighty - Love & Unity
13 Guido - Chakra
14 L-Wiz - Fotbojan
15 Wedge & Shadz - Runnin Away (Guido remix)
16 RSD - Naked Mario Kart
17 Floating Points - K & G Beat

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