OBEY Glow In The Dark T-Shirt Series...

The guys in the labs at OBEY HQ have been working on an exclusive project with glow in the dark inks. The final ink is so special because it will glow for up to four hours with just a few minutes of exposure to either natural light or artificial light. These tees not only glow for hours but also emit a much stronger glow than you would see from a normal glow tee that you may have seen in the past. The tees look like they have been printed with regular white ink during day light but when you turn off the lights they either glow florescent green or florescent blue depending on the design chosen.

I've been told that the guys over at Urban Industry have placed a small order for these, so probably best to wait for them to drop there first!


  1. i wan to buy !but i staying at malaysia !damn sucks la dude..can u please help me get this shirt ?my email is

  2. I've dropped you an email man, you gotta get one of these tee's, they're BIG!

  3. wow... A great fashion blog,. I'll follow it..

  4. Old restorative illustrations, extremely old creature and advertising illustrations look great on a printed t shirt. What about a tee shirt with a beautiful, exceedingly detailed mountain bear print leaving the side crease? Or on the other hand the t shirt with the illustration of a hypnotist? You are getting sleepy....These tees are so superb in their simplicity.shirts


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