High Order! X Fourcast Interview...

High Order! X Fourcast Interview

We're always on the lookout for new up and coming brands here at High Order! and this week we've got a small interview with Will Hardison from BMX brand, Fourcast.

Will took the time out to answer a few of our questions to give you a little insight into the background of both himself and his recently launched brand....

High Order! X Fourcast Interview

HO: So Will, tell us a little about yourself and your background...

WH: I've actually been into sneakers/fashion for a LONG time. I was online back before Niketalk. I know all the guys who started Niketalk, Crooked Tongues guys, Jersey Joe, RetroKid, etc. etc. the list goes on. My handle back in the day was MClilbit, I ran a website and sold rare samples of Air Jordans. My first goal was to launch a footwear line, but figured that was too much of an investment, so I'll start slower with apparel and hopefully break into footwear one of these days.

High Order! X Fourcast Interview

HO: So what's the idea behind your new brand Fourcast?

WH: The fourcast brand is an apparel line focused on lifestyle, but with a different avenue. Instead of going out and finding skateboarders, we decided to focus on the BMX community. It's actually a great thing for us because there are much fewer people playing in that market, everyone is still so focused on Skateboarding.

HO: So you have some Fourcast team riders at the moment, right?

WH: Yeah, we have two BMX riders on the team. One is Marcus Tooker, who is currently in 3rd place in the Dew Tour in the park division. The other rider is Dan Foley, a young kid with a ton of talent. Foley is more of a lets go ride and film guy, he doesn't compete.

High Order! X Fourcast Interview
High Order! X Fourcast Interview

HO: So what's next on the agenda with Fourcast?

WH: For now we've got a line of shirts and hats, but in the near future we plan to release jeans, belts, and more custom clothing items. Down the road, we'd love to branch off into a footwear line.

High Order! X Fourcast Interview

HO: Lastly, you've mentioned about another website you've recently launched, tell us a little more about this.

WH: I've just launched which is a blog about starting fourcast. I know so many kids out there who want their own brand or line, and I think to show the behind the scenes and the day-to-day trials and tribulations of spreading the word, calling stores, finding manufactures makes for an interesting take on a blog.

We'd like to thank Will once again for taking the time out and if you want to check out more about his brand then hit the Fourcast Site and the Fourcast Store to purchase some of the tee's shown above!


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