Supra TK Society Shoe Release / Maestro Knows Episode 9: Terry Kennedy..

The new Maestro Knows episode is out and this time he meets Terry Kennedy. Of course they test out the new Supra TK Society, one of the most hyped sneakers recently. P-Rod also joins in. As usual worth watching!

Supra TK Society Shoe

The Terry Kennedy signature model is a pretty crazy shoe to look at but is totally functional with every aspect of the sneaker carefully thought about. Whether you're going to be skating in them or wearing them as an everyday shoe, they work great. Support and comfort comes from the high cut boot than comes in quite a bit above the classic Supra Muska Skytop Shoe. This height offers ankle support on or off the board whilst hidden laces stop the risk of them getting caught or broken.

Supra TK Society Shoe
pre-order this shoe here...

Supra TK Society Shoe
pre-order this shoe here...

Want to grab a pair of these before they sell out? Well you might just be in luck! Our good friends over at Urban Industry have just put up the Supra TK Society's on their site and are now available to PRE-ORDER with them. The shoes are due to arrive in the first week of June, so not long to wait after you've put you order down. This definietly, without a doubt, has to be the best option of getting your hand on a pair. With the hype that these shoes have already created they are one of the most talked about sneaker releases this year, and consequently are set to sell out damn quick.

Supra TK Society Shoe

The TK Society not your thing? Well you'll be glad to know that they have also taken a small restock on the Supra Muska Skytop TUF Black Shoes and the Supra Muska Skytop Black/Croc/Suede Shoes. Again, these are available for PRE-ORDER right here...


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