Mardi Gras By Keith Loutit...

Another great piece of work from Keith Loutit, as always a continued source of inspiration. you may remember an earlier post of mine that showcases a little more of his work.

This piece uses a combination of stop motion video and tilt shift lenses to create a shallow depth of field which in turn gives the illusion that everything is very miniature and model like. It all appears very artificial with the angle, focus, light and movement but is infact constructed completely of real life scenes. Full screen in HD for full effect!

"Over 300,000 people lined the route of this years Mardi Gras parade, which marched up Oxford and Flinders streets in Sydney's inner-city Darlinghurst this Saturday. If you were there on the night: I tried to capture as much as the event as possible."


  1. That is ambsolutly incredible!
    I looked at some of his other videos too which are amazing!
    My fav is bathtub IV which shows a sea rescue.


  2. Yeah I think that has to be my favorite too, although I'm a great fan of all Keith Loutit's work! Such an inspiration. I will post any new work of his up on here too, so keep an eye out!


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