Mustard Pimp - Demolition March Mixtape

Mustard Pimp - Demolition March Mixtape on High Order! Blog

The latest mix from Mustard Pimp. No better way to start off your week with some dubstep/electro/figgit style music including some classic remixes of Will Smith, La Roux, Snoop Dogg and Motörhead. Download and enjoy...


1)La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream Remix) (Bot + Diplo Edit)
2)Curses! - The Deep End (Bart B More Remix)
3)Proxy - Raven (Crookers Remix)
4)Pink is Punk - Lucky Day (Lazy Ants remix)
5)Dbag - Off To The Boy (Congorock Remix Radio Edit)
6)Snoop Dogg - Pump Pump (Aniki Edit)
7)Dopefish - Who Freaked Who (Dopefish Kill Beat Remix)
8)Will Smith - Fresh Prince Of Bel Air ( Mustard Pimp Remix)
9)3 Is A Crowd - What Is A DJ (Second Version)
10)Mustard Pimp - Télésiège
11)Gigi Barocco Vs. Ice Mc - Think AbOOt The Way
12)Haddaway - What is Love (Barletta Edit)
13)Redman - I Hold The Crown (Gigi Barocco Remix)
14)Atari Teenage Riot - Rage (Mustard Pimp Remix)
15)Rosso - Saxophone Baby (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
16)Straaatch - Offend the Silence (Vocal edit)
17)Motörhead - Ace Of Spades (Mustard Pimp Remix)

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