The Dark Arts Review #8

Last week I promised two reviews, one of them being Street Fighter – The Legend of Chun – Li. However this reviewer is not paid to do this and even then it would be too fucking hard to write a review. I twittered about it, but it seemed like a cry for help.

“im going to twitter update the legend of chun li – 10.12 pm

this chick cant carry a movie – 10.13 pm

i dont think i can do this – 10.29 pm

i quit – 10. 41pm”

This week the film in question is Sympathy For Lady Vengeance. The third instalment of the Vengeance trilogy (the others being Sympathy for Mr Vengeance and Old Boy). Korean director Park Chan-wook loosely termed these three films as a trilogy when in reality neither film has anything to do with each other. Apart from the fact that they are all mind bending Asian cinema which makes Hollywood seem tamer as your granny’s pussy cat. Along Came Poly this isn’t.

The film focuses on a recently released female prisoner who was convicted of murdering a 10 year old boy. Except she hadn’t Mr Beak convinced her that she should do the bid otherwise he would kill her newborn daughter. And on her release she seeks revenge.

That’s it. That’s all you need. All good revenge films need to be explained in less than 30 seconds. It’s the revenge that we are more interested in.

Now where this film differs from Hollywood films is that instead of the heroine running around killing 900 different people, she keeps her revenge low key. This is a suburban mother. She doesn’t know kung-fu. She doesn’t happen to have a ghetto friend that could get her some oozies or M-16’s. The only gun she can get is a close quarters Victorian pistol. This film explores the idea of revenge much better than a film like The Brave One.

Although lacking the gut punch of Old Boy, the film does raise some interesting questions on the use capital punishment. Is it really so barbaric? Or only in certain situations is it acceptable?

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