The Dark Arts Review #11

This week film review is Bad Lieutenant, a 1992 film by Abel Ferrara. The film follows Harvey Keitel as the eponymous policeman who is an immoral New York Cop. He spends most of the film snorting coke, shooting heroin and committing depraved sexual acts. This is not your average Disney film. Then again the other films that Keitel starred in that year weren’t bad either. Reservoir Dogs and Sister Act.
I will describe the film in one easy quote. A morally reprehensible cop seeks redemption as he attempts to solve the brutal rape of a nun, ultimately falling succumbing to the ultimate sacrifice.
The reason to watch this grim yet gritty tale is Harvey Keitel’s performance. Just as good as any Daniel Day-Lewis performance, you can’t help but wonder how he was able to give such an engrossing performance.
Rarely has Catholicism being shown in a good light and this movie has to be the quintessential film. Forget that snuff film The Passion of the Christ (I’m still waiting for the sequel), this is more likely to get people to become religious.
The film’s tagline captivates the audience from the jump.

Gambler. Thief. Junkie. Killer. Cop.


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