The Dark Arts Review #10

Ten Weeks- This week a film for all you dossers, stoners, flannel shirt wearers, fans of hot women and people living for the weekend aka everyone.

This week Dark Arts review is a classic. Not the review I don’t know if those are actually any good until I have finished it but this week’s entry is Friday. The film which launched Ice Cube’s acting career. So basically this is the film that gave birth to XXX 2, and it’s worth it. In fact this is the only early 90’s hip hop film that stands the test of time. Juice, Boyz N The Hood, Who’s The Man, I Got The Hook Up and Menace To Society all fall by the wayside. I may be a little hasty on I got the hook up – Master P’s acting was robbed of an Oscar.

Faizon Love, Chris Tucker and John Witherspoon are great in this film. Chris Tucker is in the zone here, this is the period before he got lazy and fat. That’s what you get when you make Asian pussy jokes for 10 years. Damn you Brett Ratner! Nia Long is bad in this film. Not like acting wise, I mean slap your grandma for a 20 minute session bad.

Watching this film at this time of my life I can relate to the story much more than I used to. Ice Cube is 22 and unemployed. Getting grief from his parents and dreaming about that unattainable woman.

The Chris Tucker angel dust story is hilarious. The sad thing is for all the left coast rappers talking about that kush and Maui Wowie. Most kids are smoking laced weed. LSD, Crack and Angel Dust are some of the ingredients dropped in to make blazing a bigger hit.

For some reason every single fucking Hip Hop movie had to be a cautionary tale. Granted Menance to Society message is a simple as don’t keep video tapes of yourself robbing Asians and then killing them. I’ll try and remember that.

This film has three redemptive arcs but none of them are condescending and take away from the actual film.

“I’m a get you high today. It’s Friday, you ain’t got no job and you ain’t got shit to do!”

Then there is DEEBO.A character so memorable that it became a verb. “As in I beat that boy up last week. I deeboed his ass.”

Any film that gives birth to a verb is easily a classic in my mind.

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