Mishka X Lowclub X Bshit Free Mix..

Mishka X Lowvlub X Bshit, High Order! Blog

Here is the latest Mishka Clothing mix for your listening pleasure. A pretty eclectic mix of hip hop, techno and afro beats with a few random tracks thrown in. I would recommend checking out the playlist below first though. If you see any names that you like and think it would appeal then go ahead and download, all I'm saying is that I know it probably isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Mishka X Lowvlub X Bshit, High Order! Blog


There is a thick mist around the entity named Lowclub. All we know is that they hail from parts unknown, France. What follows is an hour of pure trance. Spanning 30 years in the past and 10 in the future, Lowclub and Mishka bring you “Party and Bshit”! Roll your sleeves up and snap your pens it’s time to embark on a sonic journey that will take you to the jungle and back to the back alleys of Brooklyn. Don’t fall behind your guide Shikito but don’t turn your back as he might devour you! Now get lost!” Lowclub is the musical project of Sebastien Roux. It was founded in 2006 and has become a production house focused on creating unique sounds and remixes. With over 10 years of DJing around, Roux has developed a diverse musical palette which includes: hip hop, techno, and afro beats. As an established and successful visual artist under the name, Superdeux, Roux is also behind BShit and the character named Shikito as a part of his overall ambition to continually explore various mediums.


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