The Dark Arts Review #5

Sylvester Stallone has gathered up a bunch of action stars for his next film called The Expendables. He is doing it exactly like Rocky 4 which means that he is set to act, write and direct the film. It stars Jason Statham, Jet Li, Forest Whitaker, Randy Couture, Mickey Rourke, Robert Knepper and my favourite Dolph "I will crush you" Lundgren. Sounds pretty good right? Well that isnt the film that i want to talk about today.
Bigger Faster Stronger is a 2008 documentary following three power lifting brothers and their individual trouble with the use of steroids in their sport. This was suprisingly one of the funniest documentaries i have ever seen.
Regardless of what you think about steroided up meat heads, the three brothers show what it is really like chasing their dreams. Two of them tried to become wrestlers and the other wanted to be a champion weightlifter. The Bell brothers are 80's kids who grew up watching Arnie, Stallone (and Carl Weathers) oiled up and making mockeries of real men. They are the ones that idolised Hulk Hogan and Iron Sheik. These kids believe the hooey about drinking your milk, taking your viatimins and saying your prayers. The believed the hype.
The tagline of the film is "The side effects of being American". And in America their sports are more applicable to the use of steroids. Although the film doesnt not really cover Human growth Hormone, which is much more prevalent in Europe, it does a lot to dispel the myths concerning steroids.
The film raises some great questions on where society draws the line at the use of drugs in various arenas.

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  1. 'Bigger Stronger Faster' (wrongly written in the blog) is an awesome documentary. It asks you a lot of questions as to whether or not steroids is bad and leaves it up to yourself decide, which I like.


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