Carhartt X Montana Colors

Carhartt X Montana, High Order! Blog
Carhartt X Montana, High Order! Blog
We keep them collaborations coming! For the first time Carhartt and Montana Colors team up to bring you the ultimate spraycan in legendary Carhartt Brown.

Paris´ KoolFunc´88, member of the Ultra Boyz crew and contributor to the current Carhartt collection, created the design for this project. The result is “Cosmic Dust Brown” in a true Futuristic Func Style, printed directly on the can, and packaged and stamped in an individual box.

Montana Colors started limited edition cans around four years ago, the idea being that a Graffiti artist customizes a spray can. First up were Brazil’s Os Gemeos with a few hundred cans. From that moment on the collectors market went crazy and the limited editions normally sell out in less than one month.

To this date Montana has produced 15 limited models for their “Hall of Fame” and next to join is Carhartt with the Carhartt x Montana Colors spraycan.

Carhartt x Montana Colors
Can: MTN Hardcore 400ml
Color: Carhartt Brown
Limited to 1000 cans worldwide

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