The Dark Arts Review

The Oscars are a month away and all the chatter is about films that the majority of us don't even bother watching. And even though i said i would watch the contenders and tell you which ones to avoid i got distracted and watched Stripper Academy instead. The internet is truly a wonderful tool.

The Oscar Contenders i would recommend you watch are The Wrestler and Slumdog Millionaire. Forget what the posters look like for Slumdog it is a gem. It is not the Indian version of Notting hill. Which by the way is the worst representation of London in a film ever. It is so touching that even 80s Mike Tyson would shed a tear. Believe me it deserves the smaltz. Danny Boyle crafted an original feel good story with modern day ingredients. How can you not look at Who wants to be a millionaire with nothing else but cynicism? Yet you forget all this and get caught up.

The Wrestler is a film where you watch and wonder why wrestlers put their bodies through hell for such little money. Although this a intense character study about addiction to fame, the real beauty lies with Mickey Rourke. Rourke deserves to win the Oscar purely based on the mad things he had to do for this film (name me any actor that took chair shots, staple shots and table bumps? I don't remember Forest Gump doing that.). As a one time fan of wrestling his hardcore matches are the real thing. About this real. The beginning of that vid features jesus which is basically the parallel that the wrestler puts forth. To sum up The Wrestler is Mickey Rourke playing a modern day jesus.

However the film i really want to talk about is Super High Me. A film which stars comedian and dedicated pot head Doug Benson. The film is basically a rip off of Supersize Me. It demonstrates the differences between smoking and not smoking herbal tobacco. The comedian has to spend 30 days without greenery. And then 30 days where he has to do it constantly. Including using some interesting utensils. Even though it drags on a little bit i suggest that you crack it on to see the differences (Mental, Physical and Physic tests) before your eyes. I should also add there is a good subplot about the growth of legal medicinal marijuana shops in California. and the renegade cop that is single handedly closing them down.

This all pales in comparison one of the films i am definitely looking forward to this year. Crank 2. If you haven't seen Crank yet? stop reading and go rent it/buy it/use your internet skills to watch it. The best dumb action film since Die Hard and/or Con Air.

Here is the trailer for the aforementioned Statham action vehicle.


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