Brighton Ain't Ready..

So finally grabbed myself a copy of what's been hyped to be one of the best BMX films of late. Brighton Ain't Ready was a project setup by Seventies Distribution where an apartment in Brighton was rented out over a 6 month span in which time 36 HUGE bmx riders passed through, partying by night and filming by day in and around the city of Brighton!

Featuring riding from Dan Lacey, Sebastian Keep, Darryl Tocco, Niki Croft, Ryan Sher, Sean Sexton, Ali Whitton & Eli Platt to name but just a few of the 36 that took part.

I headed along to the Premiere a few months back but since then had a lot on so subsequently had forgotten about the official release of the DVD. Made up that I've finally got a copy for myself now though. If your into this scene and haven't yet added this one to your collection, I highly recommend you part with some cash and go but this here... well worth the 15 or so quid.

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